Dancehall Flamingos

PC*DC - Posh Club Dance Club - present a special project on Zoom and all over the Socials.

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Online closing event June 3rd, 7pm - more details coming soon

Nine dancehall flamingos have been hibernating alone for a year slowly working on their plumage

Now through the medium of virtual socials a flock is formed

Stretching their wings, cocking their yellow legs they begin to dream, to dance, reform, regroup

Babes, it’s time, let’s go ruffle some feathers n get our flamboyance ON!

Starring Barbara Layne, June Power, Daphne Wells, Donald Hutera, Olivea Rose McDonald Smith, Angela Roach, Maybeline Dick, Dahlia Douglas + Jeannie McCaffrey

Choreography by H Plewis, Azara Meghie and the dancers.

Filmed and edited by Azara Meghie

Social media and marketing by Lara Costello with additional support from Jonny Goode and Rohanne Udall on behalf of Siobhan Davies Studios.

Produced by Athenoula Bartley Sophocleous

Directed by H Plewis

Supported by ACE and Siobhan Davies Studios

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