Princess: Mollies, Macaronis and He-Strumpets

Princess: Mollies, Macaronis and He-Strumpets

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Wednesday 25 September

Doors 6pm/Starts 7pm/Ends 9.30pm 

Duckie are taking queer history out of the museum and back to the pub where it belongs. Join Amy Lamé and a bunch of professional smartarses for our first Queer History Club.

Macaroni maestro Dominic Janes will be chatting about effeminacy, sodomy and what molly originally meant to the Georgian gaylords.

Queer quartet Figo are banging out string classics throughout the evening.

Loudmouth town crier Aunty Maureen will be guiding our back-alley art tour, exploring the frivolous fop fashions of the 1700s.

And join our boffin in a coffin – the delightfully undead Delfino Nayler, London’s finest drag vampire – in giving academic side-eye to the institutional erasure of radical history.

Top off the night with our soon-to-be legendary Queer History Pub Quiz. Expect historical heckling, tableaux vivants, Chamber Pop and pervy picture rounds. Grab some teammates and get your clever on.

Pull on your britches, lace up your corset and join us for a night of homo history that will make your hair curl and stand up high with a tiny hat on top.

Next History Club Wednesday 23 October 2019 - Book in to hear more. 

Royal Vauxhall Tavern
372 Kennington Lane SE11

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Princess: Mollies, Macaronis and He-Strumpets 2019-09-15 00:00:00 2019-10-24 00:00:00 Royal Vauxhall Tavern, London UK