Readers Wifes

Saturday 21 March, 9pm - 2am

Duckie at RVT is closed the same as everywhere else

Instead please enjoy Duckie Stuck Indoors with Readers Wifes

From 9pm - 2am, tune into this link for the Readers Wifes live Spotify DJ set and dance around your sitting room 

It's like Duckie but cheaper, cleaner, lonelier, more hygienic and you don't have to get an Uber

You don't even have top put up with the act, because ther isn't one

Readers Wifges play a classic Saturday night set for the pandemic punters and the stuck-indoors

All you gotta do is follow this playlist, press play at 9pm on 'Hitsville UK' by The Clash - the first record ever spun at the club, fact fans - and the Wifes add the rest in real time. It worked in rehearsals anyway

There'll be the chuck-everything-against-the-wall early set, the nerve-wracking wobbly middle bit where we try and get people to dance and the pissed up sweaty / snoggy end selection. And you can't catch the virus, bingo

The playlist will self-destruct on Sunday morning and remain but a fleeting memory like all the best Saturday nights

Click here:

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