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Queers and Old Dears

Duckie produce an occasional series of variety events aimed a socially engineered intergenerational mixed audience of OAPs and younger folk. The events are very glamorous big nights out. We work with older peoples' day centres to cultivate an audience. To date we have presented 4 of these – in Battersea, Blackpool, Bexhill-On-Sea & at Wilton's, and are planning more.

Weekend at Wilton's 2012 Battersea 2010 Bexhill on Sea 2009 Blackpool 2008
Wilton's 2012 Battersea 2010 Bexhill-On-Sea 2009 Blackpool 2008

For a press reviews on these events, see here:

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C.J. Lazaretti, This is Cabaret, "Review: Weekend at Wilton's"

Ben Walters, Time Out, "Duckie takes over Wilton's"

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