The Posh Club Plus

The Posh Club Plus

Friday 13 August
1pm - 4pm
Giraffe House
Albany Road, SE5

To book call 07848 816 842

Duckie + Creation Trust + United St Saviours


The Posh Club Plus

Local glamorous and fashionable older folk are encouraged to invite their whole families + friends to a spectacular open air summer garden party and cabaret show right next to Burgess Park

Starring soul diva Alison David, Miss High Leg Kick's Bird Rave, youth dance group Avant Garde Dance, masterly magician Christian Lee, violin virtuoso Kate Conway + live and direct from Las Vegas Elvis-Blooming-Presley

Hosted by Rhys’s Pieces + Azara

Complimentary Fish + Chips will be served, plus free drinks + fancy buns

Dress Code: Posh + Sunny Side Up

+ Kids and all ages are very welcome

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