Princess Picnic Promenade

Birmingham 2022 Festival Presents

Princess Picnic Promenade

Love Pikaniks, Hate Empire

Produced by Duckie & Fierce

Thursday 14 & Friday 15 July

Tickets £5 from Here

Doors at 7pm, Ends at 10.30pm

Birmingham Botanical Gardens, Westbourne Road, Birmingham, B15 3TR

Bring a picnic, dress up in your best clothes, tour the beautiful gardens and enjoy queer post-empire pop-up performance from Duckie

Featuring artists from South Africa, Ghana, Canada, India, Australia and the UK

Starring Ginny Lemon, George Chakravarthi, Jaivant Patel, Bird la Bird, Krishna Istha, Kieron Jina, Francesca Millican-Slater, Ange Loft, alaska B, EJ Scott and crazinisT artisT

“The amnesia about British Empire imposes an exaggerated historical distance between our lives today and the period of imperial rule” Kojo Koram, Uncommon Wealth

Walls Come Tumbling Down!

Adults Only, Bonnets Permitted

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