It’s a Blobby Woobly Floppy Sloppy World

Saturday 20 July 2019

10.30pm - 3am

Cabaret Tent, Latitude Festival, Suffolk

At this time of worldwide adversity and unease, whom can we turn to for wisdom, direction and stability? Step forward, Mr Blobby - statesman, intellectual heavyweight, global goldshaker – and the inspiration to world leaders from Donald Trump to Tony Blair to Aung San Suu Kyi.

To cap his illustrious career, this eminent luminary makes a rare personal appearance at Latitude. Or at the very least there will be a few gaylords wearing his look from the fancy dress shop.
Born Sloppy? Born Floppy? Feeling Wobbly? You have come to the right place: This is Duckie

Washed up DJ Little 15 channels Noel Edmunds, while blond, bland Saturday night mainstream hostess Travis Alabanza introduces a plethora of un-family friendly performance flown in from Crinkley Bottom, including common northern dance desperados G.O.A.T, Scottish limp wristed poetry victim Derek McCluckie, international macho dare devil Krishna Istha, kult kathak queerdo Jaivant Patel and the all-girl Telly Tubby live art tribute act Figs In Wigs.

Then step aside as the veritable Mr Blobby addresses the Latitude masses, with his State of the Nation (Un)Address.

Tonight’s event is a charity fundraiser for the Crinkley Bottom Theme Park Recovery Fund.

Come to Duckie. Watch inoffensive mainstream variety cabaret and dance to the top of the pops and flops with Mr Blobby and his camp followers until 3am. Or go to bed early if you want.

“Far from amusing”
Michael Parkinson

“Duckie’s Mr Blobby Roadshow Tribute is a veritable tour-de-force”
Dave Lee Travis

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Duckie have presented our verfremdungseffekt variety and pansy propaganda to the le jeaune bourgeoisie every Summer at Latitude for the past 9 years, don't you know.

They must be bored of us by now (see you this summer).

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