#DuckieFamily - Films

Saturday 3 June, 8pm, Rich Mix

FREE entry to club night and performance with film ticket.

#DuckieFamily screens new QTIPOC films inspired by the theme of Carnival to celebrate the representation and stories of the sexuality of QTIPOC in all our bacchanalian and decadent glory. Curated by Campbell X, produced by Kayza Rose. All screenings 18+

The three films are followed by a panel discussion with filmmakers Shine Louise Houston (Pink and White Productions), Claire Kurylowski (kuntinuum), performer Sadie Sinner (The Cocoa Butter Club), and fine art photographer Ajamu



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Snapshot (2016) 

USA dir Shine Louise Houston 67 mins

Charlie accidentally snaps a photo of a murder and becomes the next target. With a killer hot on her trail, Charlie develops a new relationship. But how does this photographer negotiate the terms of this new love in a context where there are so many choices of how to love.

Snapshot is a rare film which doesn't hold back as it explores love and desire between queer people of colour. Snapshot is beautifully shot, with powerful performances, drawing inspiration from film classics like Hitchcock's Rear Window and Antonioni's Blow Up.

See Trailer Below.

Crystal Clear
UK dir Max Disgrace 3 mins 41 secs
The elusive experience of re-imagining a lesbian encounter through sexy sensuous wetness.

More Love. Less Prepackaged Bullshit
UK/USA dir. Neelu Bhuman 1 min 20 secs
A black transwoman, brown genderqueer person and a white queer cis man resist patriarchal constructions while enjoying intimacy and love.


"The films are of an explicit sexual nature, because part of Carnival is about 'getting on bad', being decadent and enjoying carnal pleasures. I wanted to show films that exemplified this, made by queer people of colour. Queer people of color experience our sexuality and bodies as stolen property, our bodies have been colonised. Carnival allows us to take back the power." Campbell X Curator

Trailer for Snapshot:


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