Duckie International


Saturday 27 March 2021

9pm - Midnight

Live on Zoom

Tickets £5 from here

Duckie zooms around the world in 180 minutes

Readers Wifes play intercontinental belters from all nations

Amy Lamé hosts a transborder transgender exprésso fésto

Stay in, invite your international allies, BYOB + caper in front of your computer

Domestic performance action from Toronto, Johannesburg, Bytom, Naarm, Goiania + Hosapete

Six performance artists from six continents dance in their bedrooms to six pop records

Starring Manjamma Jogarhi, Kieron Jina, Andrew Tay, Joel Bray, Katarzyna Perlak and Pedro hfds

Jay Cloth makes global photomontage badges to order for charidee mate

Robin Whitmore creates a zoom-sized cardboard toy RVT theatre

For universal lesbos, international homos, bi-lingual fomos and trans continentals

Staying in is the new going abroad

Dress code: flags, bags + glad-rags

Duckie Facebook

Plug your computer into the good speakers

Get a drink

Stick up a virtual background

Everyones video is turned on from 11pm for the final hour if you fancy that

Until then raise your hand to ask to be spotlighted at various times


21.00 Readers Wifes

21.20 Shorts

Manjamma Jogathi from Hosapete in India
Andrew Tay from Toronto in Canada

21.30 Readers Wifes

22.00 Shorts

Katarzyna Perlak from Bytom in Poland
Kieron Jina from Johannesberg in South Africa

22.10 Readers Wifes

22.50 Shorts

Joel Bray from Naarm in Australia
Pedro Henrique Ferreira Da Silva from Goiania in Brazil

23.00 Readers Wifes

24.00 Ends

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