The Queer Georgians

A Bent History Bachannal with Duckie

What was the London queer scene like 300 years ago?

Duckie's social archeology with original research, a promendade theatre show, podcasts, a history club tour and a wank mag

Princess Promenade

In September 2021 Duckie presented a spectacular promenade show across 9 venues around the Vauxhall Pleasure Gardens starring Neil Bartlett, Ursula Martinez, George Chakravarthi, Harold Offeh, Krishna Istha and Bird la Bird

The Princess Podcasts

Join the gang in two episodes for some 18th Century backchat and a stroll through the syphilitic, gin soaked streets of queer Georgian London

Episode 1

Episode 2

Episode 3

Queer History Club South Coast Seaside Pub Tour

Queer History Club promenaded the gin houses of Hastings, Folkestone, Margate and Brighton on various Sundays in July and August 2021

Vintage Wank Mag

Would you like a copy posted to you? Email your postal address to


Funded by the Heritage Lottery Fund, bent archivist E-J Scott has lead a team of pioneering volunteers into them national archives to see what they have been keeping from us all of these years

Duckie's Queer Volunteers are Serge Nicholson, Auntie Maureen, Zorian Clayton, Zed, Mariana Feijo, Brooke Palmieri, Dawn Hoskin, Felix and a few others





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