Saturday 28 October

Duckie: It's Halloweeeeen

There is Nothing to Fear but Queer Itself 

Duckie is always the last Saturday of the Month

Saturday 28 October, 9pm - 3am

Eagle London in Vauxhall

Lots of tickets available on the door, just turn up

Or Book In Advance Here

Ten Pounds or Five Pound for Cheap Skates

Wear your Normal Clobber or - if you dare - Follow the Dress Code:  ghostly white sheets, slime, bloody knickers, 80's goths, party shop Draculas, aber crombie and fitch, old school 'gay men', David Walliams, Peter Cushing, heterosexuals from Reading, frankensteins münster, generation Z zombies, dead tories, buy-to-let landlords … and other bloodsuckers

Dr B and Dr T ARE The Doctors 

Readers Wifes ARE The Gay Zombies

Azara IS The Cerial Killer

Starring HEY!PAIN!, Miss Hernia, Daniel Torquator + The Bastard Benedict

Featuring The Dangerous Dungeon and a Tribute to Imponderabilia

Eagle London, 349 Kennington Lane, SE11 - 3 mins walk from Vauxhall tube 


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