Saturday 4 March

2pm - 8pm

Eagle London

Old Butch Lesbians Are Effing Good at Dancing
Emilyn Claid

Posh Girls like Opera in the New Bourgois Vauxhall
Ellie Moran

This One is a Total Nutcase, Almost Frightening

Old Gay Men with Grey Hair Play Records
Readers Wifes

Studs Pick Up Femmes When at Work

The Duckie Dollys

Free Ironing

Badge Café

A Homosexual in the Nude

Record Players Readers Wifes

Door Geezer Libro (Tink's gone to Mexico to do a bit of business)

Advance tickets are £10 and include a free drink if you arrive B4 3pm

Main performances start weekly from 3pm

Live Art and Light Entertainment

Eagle London, 349 Kennington Lane, London SE11, Vauxhall Tube

Door Duty £10 (or £5 UB40)

Happy Hour
2pm until 4pm
Pints of Amstel / Kronenberg £3.50
Bottles of House Wine £10

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