Fuck the Coronation


Fuck the Coronation

Saturday 6 May 2023

2pm - 8pm

Eagle London

A Coronation Day Ritual starring Brixton Chamber Orchestra, Liv Wynter, The Artist Taxi Driver, Daniel Oliver + The Kitchenettes

Hosted by Prinx Azara with Record Player Joe Egg

Door Geezers Libro & Tink

Featuring The Duckie Dollys, Rene's Royal Rubbbings & The Barons Badge Café

Come and Spank the King's Arse

Advance tickets are £10 and include a free drink if you arrive B4 3pm

Eagle London, 349 Kennington Lane, London SE11, Vauxhall Tube

Door Duty £10 (or £5 UB40)


For 23 hours non-stop, from 3pm on Friday 5th, the Artist Taxi Driver will scrape his ungrateful, disrespectful face - and ass - slowly on the pavement from SW1 to SE11 in a durational performance crawl that questions the uses and benefits of the new monarch in this cost of living crisis


2.00  Doors Open & The King Arrives

3.00  DJ Joe Egg by Royal Appointment

3.15  The Artist Taxi Driver talks Art & Politics with Azara

4.00  The Kitschenettes, a quintessetially twee 1950s traditional housewifes choice of pub rock bentertainment for right of centre rock and rollers led by (Ms) Traditionalist Timberlina

5.00  Artist in Residence Daniel Oliver with a dozen Patriotic Performance Pantomimists

6.00  Liv Wynter, Oh God Not Again, Duckie will get done for Treason

7.00  Brixton Chamber Orchestra, Fuck the King, Let's Dance

8.00  Carriages


Duckie get in trouble with the Eagle for making too much of a fuss and everyone will be a little bit upset


The Readers Wifes have gone to Malaga for a week to avoid it all

For punters who can't be arsed with all this fuss, there will also be nice music from Joe Egg, daytime dancing and a chance to chat to mates

Happy Hour
2pm until 4pm
Pints of Amstel / Kronenberg £3.50
Bottles of House Wine £10

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