Spectacle, Danceteria & Dadgeant

28 models * 28 platforms * 28 daddies

Saturday 29 June, 6pm until Midnight

St Paul’s Multi-Plex

corner Stoke Newington Road and Amhurst Road, London N16 7UE

Hosted by Azara with DJs Readers Wifes

Dress Code: Daddy

Starring Campbell X, Frank Bertolucci, Krishna Istha, Midgitte Bardot, Whiskey Chow, Rosana Cade & Ivor MacAskill, Pip Dream, Nene, Elijah Harris, SimBiYoSis, Kell w Farshéa, Oliver Wickham, Mika Onyx Johnson, Dani Dinger, Rae, Cairo Leon, Svar Simpson, Pharrell, Tane, Chuck SJ, Daddy Pipe, Levi Loves Leather, Cool Dad, Rodent, Santi, Your Queer Uncle Faizan and Mister Saul

Who’s the Daddy round here?

Bois keep swinging as twenty-five trans blokes and non-binary folx line up in this history expo

Like Anthony Gormley’s sculptures set free at Ciao Baby, this glorification of the underground sub-culture stars the faces and aces of the gender revolution

A pony of patriarchal archetypes are remixed in a live moderne museum starring the butcher, the baker and the candlestick maker, the tinker, the tailor, the soldier and spy

Move over Jordan Peterson, T-Daddy displays what non-toxic masculinity can look like - stoicism, strength and selflessness meets sex, style and subversion ... and they all bend in the end

A last a showbiz spectacle for transplainers, cordwainers, campaigners and bentertainers

Stage shows, side shows and discos exploring how trans trailblazers are defining queer culture in the roaring twenties

Take part in the Daddy Pageant - an audience participatory catwalk contest that punters sign up to on the night - Can you bring your Daddy to the Party?  Featuring a panel of Celebrity Judges headed by Charlie Craggs with Victoria Oldman & Bambi

Produced by Duckie and Museum of Transology, this site specific event is staged in a club, a garden, a graveyard, a carpark and a church on Gay Shame Night

Deconstruct the neo-daddio and remember ... nothing is benter than the masculine of centre


Cis People    £ 20

Trans People  £ 10

Plus small booking fees


Curator EJ Scott

Costume Designer Shanti Freed

Daddy Care Serge Rizzler, Jen Smethurst & Kamari Romeo

Choreography Azara

Door Tink & Libro

Visuals Zed Gregory


Conceptual artics and comm-UNITY politics developed by the Trans Daddy Style Council Collective: Libro Levi Bridgeman, Serge Rizzler, Tink Flaherty, EJ Scott, Zed Gregory & Azara


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